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Related article: Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 01:13:13 EDT
From: Double A
Subject: Fabien's Puppy...Part 6 Clearing his throat, Gord looked at the semi-prone Fabien and asked, "So,
tell me your feelings about school?" "What do you mean?" Fabien replied, beginning to feel tired. "Well," Gord explained, "I've been told that you seem to have a history of
being abused to varying degrees. Why not tell me about that?" Fabien draped his arms over his face and said, "There are these jerks at
school that like to pick on me because I'm gay." "How do they know you're gay?" Fabien shrugged, "This stupid whore girl once asked me out, so I told her
that I was sorry, but I'm gay, and she told the whole school." "So, you didn't just stand up in class one day and make an awareness
announcement or small lol ta models something?" Fabien swallowed hard and clenched his fists, "No! My parents and everybody
keep saying that I'm bringing real lolita pussy pics this on myself for broadcasting it through the
school! I didn't broadcast it or anything! I just told the truth when people
asked, that's all!" Gord shrugged, "You don't need to get angry. I'm just saying that it's rare
to see this much abuse against somebody, unless they went around telling
everybody they ran into that they were gay." Fabien smiled slightly, "Why would you do that, though? I mean, either
you're gay or you're not. If somebody young lolita butt photos offers you a bar of chocolate, then
you tell them that you're sorry, but you don't like chocolate. You don't
just go walking around and telling strangers, `Hi sir, I don't know you, but
I just thought I'd let you know that I eat lollypops instead of chocolate.'" Gord laughed, "Well, no I'd suppose not. Well, let's back up for a
second...Who beats you up in school?" Fabien shrugged, "This guy and sometimes his friends too, but mostly just
this guy." Gord nodded, "Does the school know about Tommy?"
Fabien shook his head "So, rompl issue magazine lolitas this was the guy who beat you up today and cut your hair?" Fabien nodded, "Yeah." Gord smiled, "Why the heck would he cut your hair, though?" Fabien shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe he was jealous, because he has really
short hair, or maybe he knows how much I like my long hair. He said that I
looked like a girl and he wanted me to look more like a guy." Gord shrugged, "Sounds like he was being helpful." Fabien sat up, "I liked my hair, though. I would have cut it, if I wanted
it short. I sure as hell didn't want it shaved, but I might have cut it a
bit shorter or something." Gord sat back, "And you didn't defend yourself when you got your hair cut?" Fabien shrugged and meekly replied, "I prefer not to fight." "Uh huh." Gord said, "Do you think, though, that you could have beaten up
this person, if you had tried?" Fabien shrugged, "Maybe. I dunno."
"Have you thought of telling your principal about this?" Gord asked. Fabien shook his head, "No, Mr. Erkstine hates me. He's this total jerk,
but I don't understand why, because me, I've never done anything to him!" Gord nodded, "Yeah, but it's his job to prevent things like this. What
about the vice-principal?" Fabien shrugged, "I've never spoken to Ms. Savard before. I don't think she
would help, though." "What makes you so sure?" Fabien sat up, "I think I just want to handle this myself." "But you're really not, it seems, Fabien. You obviously don't like being
assaulted, so why do you let it happen?" Gord wanted to know. Fabien shrugged, "I don't know. I guess I just figure that eventually
they'll get tired of beating me up and just leave me alone." "Has it just been this year that you've been bullied, though?" Fabien shook his head, "No, it was since last year, when I first told that
girl that I was gay." Gord shrugged, "Well, do you ever think they're just going to stop?" Fabien sat still for a second, then shook his head and, putting his hands
on his face, he began to cry. "So, what are you going to do?" Gord asked. Fabien reached out and took a tissue. Wiping his face, he sniffled, "I
don't know. I wish they'd just stop." Gord shrugged, "I think you're going to need to figure something out,
though. Is there a counsellor at your school, who you can maybe discuss this
with?" Fabien nodded. "Well, I think you should make an appointment with her tommorow morning, so
that when you go back to school, you can have a gameplan." Fabien nodded. Gord sat back, "Okay, well we're a little bit over our time for tonight. I
hope you feel a bit better about things. Come, I'll walk you to the door." Fabien took a few more tissues to wipe his face, and followed Gord as he
walked him through the hall and open the front door for him. Fabien saw his father waiting for him outside and wordlessly got in the car
with him. As J-P Raineau drove away from the house, he turned to Fabien and asked,
"So, did you get everything sorted out?" Fabien smiled and said, "I think so, yeah."TBC...
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